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Color Glass Block Adds Style To All Projects

When working with glass block, the design possibilities are endless. This is especially true when you incorporate colored glass block into your design. Color glass blocks can be used in infinite ways to add excitement and color to all of your projects. They can either be placed within a design along with clear blocks to add visual appeal, or entire projects can be constructed from one, or many colors. Just as with clear glass block, color glass block still transmits light well and provides a level of privacy. Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, or designer, Color Glass Block can provide you with superior colored glass block solutions. All of our blocks are made in U.S.A. and are available in an extensive selection of colors, patterns and shapes. If you are looking for an affordable and unique way to make a statement through design, consider the use of glass blocks from Quality Glass Block!

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Colored Glass Block Available In Many Colors And Styles

All of our colored glass blocks begin with a high quality, American made, Pittsburgh Corning glass block. No matter what color you require, we have a color glass block for you. Whether you are looking for blue glass block, red glass block, green glass block, or any other color or variation, we have the perfect solution. All shapes can be colored to your preferences including:

  • Colored End Block
  • Colored Hedron Block
  • Colored Tridron Block
  • Colored Encurve Block
  • Colored Arque Block


Glass Blocks

Red glass blocks from Quality Glass Block's color glass block line are perfect for projects such as unique showers, windows, walls, bars.

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Glass Blocks

We offer several variations of the color orange for use in your projects.

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Glass Blocks

Our high quality Pittsburgh Corning yellow glass blocks are available in many shapes and sizes.

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Glass Blocks

For those wishing to add a sense of calm and renewal to their glass block projects we would like to suggest the use of our high quality green glass blocks.

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Glass Blocks

We don't believe in hindering your design possibilities by limiting you to just one variation of blue. Instead we can offer designers and homeowners several options to make their glass block projects truly unique.

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Glass Blocks

As an accent color, purple or pink glass block can add extra depth and dimension to any project.

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Glass Blocks

We carry an impressive selection of brown glass blocks that can satisfy any style and color preferences.

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Glass Blocks

When standard color glass blocks just don't provide the impact or feel that you are trying to present, consider choosing from our premium color glass block colors.

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Superior Products and Service From Quality Glass Block's
Color Glass Block Line

For those looking for the highest quality colored glass blocks and superior customer service, look no further than Quality Glass Block. Our color glass blocks are backed by a full warranty, and your satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Whether your colored glass block order is large, or you only require a few blocks, your color glass blocks are made to order. Architects, contractors, interior designers, and homeowners choose Quality Glass Block's Color Glass Block Line to provide the highest quality glass blocks, in the widest selection of colors, at the most affordable prices. Contact us today!